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We offer  the best possible opportunities to our students to become confident, thoughtful and sensitive young people who are prepared for future challenges.

We take special care of the economically and socially weaker sections of the society through inclusive education and through outreach program.

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Demo Public School

We are among some prestigious schools of India. It was founded in early 1990s with an aim to facilitate society with a powerful light of education. Our school has covered a momentous journey of 22 years, and has covered a sea of achievements during its lifespan. The milestone that has been achieved has led to the school being acclaimed as one of the best CBSE Schools.

Real Indian Education

We provides excellent education and prepares pupils for the international world. With our school in Fatehpur we make sure that children retain English language at the highest level and we also teach Hindi as a second language.

Preserving a child’s mother tongue
Research shows that keeping up one’s native language has several positive cognitive effects on developing multilingualism. Learning a new language is easier for children who already have a well-developed first language. Our school helps to develop the English language of your children. Therefore, they will be at the same level as children who follow their education in English countries.
Better results
Multilingual children have a more conscious and subconscious knowledge of language. Skills such as problem-solving abilities, creativity and adaptability also increase in children who learn more than one language. These are valuable 21st century skills which are useful in today’s society. Having a thorough mastery of their native language makes a vital contribution to your child’s development and also leads to better school results.
Transition to secondary education
A number of foreign schools offer an hour or two of Hindi lessons in order to preserve children’s native language skills. This is not the same as the Hindi education that we provide. The children who attend our school preserve their mother tongue, while also mastering the English language at a high level.

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