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Co-curricular Activities

Creativity, Enthusiasm, and Energetic, Positive thinking are some of the facets of personality development and the outcomes of Extracurricular activities.

Activity Schedule (2023-2024)

SeptemberHindi Handwriting (I-IV) - 8.09.23
English Champ (IX-XII) - 9.09.23
Hindi Creative Writing (III-IV) - 13.09.23
Hindi Day Celebration (III-V) - 14.09.23
Hindi Debate (IX-XII) - 14.09.23
Inter-House Quiz (IX-X) - 23.09.23
English Debate (IX-XII) - 30.09.23
Gandhi Jayanti (XI) - 30.09.23

Special Assemblies (2023-2024)

September - OctoberGandhi Jayanti
Dussehra Celebration
Assembly on Sudha Murthy
For the month of July

Upcoming Events


English Champ (IX-XII)


Hindi Debate (IX-XII)


English Debate (IX-XII)


Gandhi Jayanti


Hindi Day Celebration


Inter house quiz (ix-x)

Activities let them grow faster

Activities like Painting, Sports, Mental Exercises are known as catalyst for the growth of students.

Our school aims at developing passion, leadership and impact through these extracurricular activities. Our school activities are carefully designed to give an apt mix of student’s involvement in academics as well as extra activities. Children are exposed to new horizons and experiences everyday, which in turn inculcates a sense of commitment, leadership and team spirit in young minds.

Some of Our

Recently Performed Activities

We strongly believe that, the new age education system lays special emphasis on Holistic Development, curriculum must be supplemented with extracurricular activities, for it channelizes energy of students in fruitful direction.
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