Shree Sanatan Dharm Education Centre

Winner, 2019

Football, India Championship

Participated with more than 500 Schools from allover India and secured Gold Trophy for overall final winner.

Sate Boxing Championship

Winner, 2017, 2018 & 2019

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Candidates Participated

Annual Spirit Dance & Talent Competition

Birju Maharaj Award Winner

We thank all our participants for their great efforts. 

State Schools Football league- 2019

Silver Boot Award Winner

State Volleyball League- 2019

Final Winner Team

Honor of Literature- 2019

Overall Winner

Harmony- 2019

Golden Drama Performance Winner

performer of the year-2019

Winner of Techno-vista

Many Other Awards

in Areas of politics, science & Arts.

As Always Awarded With



Our Top Performers

We are proud of all the participants and winner for their great efforts.

Special thanks to these gems who stand on top of rankings in all streams.

"I loved to play for my school."
- Bryan G

A Man with golden Bat

"I was too hard but gave me kick to fight and win."
- Laura Petracio

Lady with strength.

"I won just because of my school instructors and my passion."
- Harold Z

A Man with Bike

"I was amazed so, I amazed all of you."
- Laura Petracio

Musician of God

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